FIRST AIRED: February 28, 2019

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it was a very productive few days with sometimes you have to walk and he did the president trump and Kim Jong then both walked away with no deal on Thursday bringing an unexpected end to their second big summit in a press conference that evening trump said north Koreans drove too hard of a bargain basically %HESITATION they wanted the sanctions lifted , in their entirety and we couldn't do that , trump says can someone was willing to give up young gun a nuclear plant that that the heart of north Korea's weapons program but in return , for the lifting of all sanctions on the north and that's when the two leaders clashed talks are cut short sleeve and there was a lot of confusion here at the press centre when both a working lunch and a signing ceremony for both cancel the two leaders left without any explanation , trump insists the two are still on good terms though as writer saying Kim explains it's hard to say whether they'll be meeting face to face again in the near future I think things were moving perhaps too fast %HESITATION it was really led by top down diplomacy and the personal chemistry of the two leaders %HESITATION they were criticized for that by passing working let any go she sounds but also in a lot of people also friendly than than for actually being the main driving force but now that we've got two successive summits that he then leads %HESITATION North Korea anywhere close closer to the new pricing sounds I think they would be a lot more under a long more pressure I personally don't expect that they will come to the negotiating table themselves anytime soon all this is a setback for trump needed a win with North Korea to the troubles back at home on Wednesday his former lawyer Michael calling testified in front of Congress accusing the president of breaking the law while in office trump hit back from knowing a lot about so many different things having , a baby hearing like that and having it in the middle of this very important Simon , is really a terrible thing for now trump says North Korea will continue its freeze on testing its missiles but US intelligence says there's still no sign the rich you might ever give up its entire arsenal