FIRST AIRED: February 28, 2019

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US north Korean talks in Hanoi have broken down Donald Trump says Kim Jong un wanted sanctions lifted in return for very little that could be a blessing in disguise says which is breaking views columnist Pete Sweeney , good thing the trump slow this down for whatever reason the United States is moving very quickly %HESITATION towards a policy of more conciliatory engaging policy towards North Korea past template the north Korean regime was basically a kind of a blackmailing regime that would do nuclear tests and threatened rattle it savers and blow things up and shoot rockets of people %HESITATION in exchange for which you know that the , foreign governments will give it aid in oil and stuff like that so it's just kind of like mafia state based on the small can family , and the rest the populations extremely poor now what is changed about the state is that Kim Jong un is firmly in control and he's been basically letting the economy start to gradually reforming open up on part of that is just the natural result of being next to China %HESITATION and entering the information age were ordinarily north Koreans are now able to see how much poor they are than their neighbors and the question is does this change the way he's playing to deal with things %HESITATION there's an open question whether he really wanted to do a massive nuclear tests remain this kind of a rogue state forever we're not dealing with the hermit kingdom that people used to talk about what we're talking about now is a country that has nuclear weapons is extremely unlikely to give them up %HESITATION if you plan to take the route of say Vietnam or China and become more of a normal now albeit are authoritarian state how exactly is United States play that was a couple questions I mean the United States policy of engagement towards China right now has been one this question %HESITATION the idea then was that you engage with with China you help it develop economically and then it becomes more friendly to and more democratic and more sympathetic to your norms that actually hasn't happened , this guy has not been testing nuclear weapons of late on here seem less confrontational on his seemed more open to reforming its economy and getting along with South Korea those are all positive things but how that plays out for American interests is a is a is an interesting question