FIRST AIRED: March 7, 2019

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in general thank you for being willing to take I I actually think this is the toughest Simon in the world right now in our diplomatic corps and the crown prince is not making things easier the , making an untenable he is %HESITATION reckless ruthless has a penchant for escalation for taking high risks confrontational as foreign policy approach and I think increasingly willing to test the limits of what he can get away with even with United States anyone I think that's an unfair assessment of the young man look what he's done in the last two years it seems like something out of a bond movies kidnapped the prime minister of Lebanon kidnapped the prime minister of Lebanon he kicked out the ambassador of Canada cancelled flights to Toronto cut off investments recalled all their students in Canada over a week , tweets from the Canadian foreign minister regarding human rights he's fractured the important alliance with the Gulf kingdom's he's obviously we know ordered I believe from and all the evidence I believe strongly indicates he ordered or knew of efforts to murder Jamal to show okay and to do so in a third country and a diplomatic facility how do we balance we balance all of this with this important regional strategic partnership because , this guy's making it harder he's gone for gangster and it's difficult to work with a guy like how important relationship is