FIRST AIRED: March 7, 2019

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China's Huawei launched a lawsuit against the US government on Thursday it's the latest volley in an escalating dispute with Washington as the United States carries out a lobbying campaign among allies to shot while white out of western markets fears have swirled around the company that its technology could be used for Chinese espionage overseas Huawei denies this on Thursday qual way said it's challenging a law that bans part of its U. S. business it argues the NDA is a law that's unconstitutional eligible woman always says the U. S. Congress has failed to give enough evidence to support a ban but this is just one part of qualities legal troubles , it's also grappling with US charges against its CFO main one show she's been arrested in Canada and faces extradition to America Reuters Kate could tell in Beijing says the lawsuit is far away biting back far away is essentially going on the offensive now %HESITATION when among one Joe was first arrested back in December they seem to have a lot of faith in the justice system and they were saying that they would let justice prevail what this today represents is the pinnacle of what's been happening over the last two months which is quite awake ramping up their aggressive Kiara and also you know kind of trying to force U. S. government to explicitly say what is wrong with Wall way working in the US and it represents a much more aggressive campaign that what they were doing before this also fits into larger tension between the US China and who drives the future of technology a front in the running trade war with Beijing under US president Donald Trump Sir why waste case kind of represents a benchmark case in the trade war there are lots of companies in China not just Wally who being affected by %HESITATION you know this kind of sentiment in the US some of those companies and some of those executives from those companies have spoken up %HESITATION in defense of while way including executives from alley Bob who also had acquisitions in the U. S. knocked back on national security grounds and if it does come to the point where the US government is having to prove why they're blocking quality in the U. S. and while way has to you know prove why they're not a security threat it could answer a lot of the wider questions that we're talking about in the trade war some legal experts warn Fourways lawsuit is likely to be dismissed because US courts are reluctant to second guess other parts of government if they decided something is a threat to US national security