FIRST AIRED: February 27, 2019

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on the morning of the second north Korean summit Donald Trump had a message for Kim Jong un the nuclear rising could make your dreams come true the US president tweeted from his homily hotel on Wednesday saying quote Vietnam is thriving like few places on earth North Korea would be the same and very quickly if it would denuclearize he had touched down in Vietnam the night before is setting the stage for his second meeting with Kim I'm hearing Han way where details about the summit have been very hard to come by in the past couple of days but we've now found out that the two leaders are meeting Wednesday night at the historic metropole hotel now that's a lot closer to the mail yeah where Kim Jong un is staying at the post of the JW Marriott where trump checked in on Tuesday at the metropole the two leaders are said to have a quick twenty minute chat followed by a cozy dinner with aids and that will mark the first time that the two leaders see face to face since their Singapore summit eight months ago in Singapore at the two had made a white pledge to work towards the new pricing North Korea so critics have pointed out neither of them walked away with anything concrete this time both sides are likely feeling the pressure to come up with specifics like what steps North Korea can take to give up its weapons and what the US can give in return one of those specifics could be young gun a north Korean nuclear complex young as promised to dismantle it in the past several times but never followed through the facility is at the heart of north Korea's decades old nuclear program and getting came to destroy it would be a major win for the US in the run up to the summit Donald Trump has said he still committed to getting the north to denuclearize though he's made one thing very clear I'm in no rush and I'm not in a rush I don't wanna rush anybody I just I mean this is going to be the last man because I don't believe it will he's in no hurry to make it happen