FIRST AIRED: March 5, 2019

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about thirty seven million people a currently infected with HIV across the globe the aids pandemic skilled around thirty five million people since the nineteen eighties now a British HIV positive man has become the second no not old in the wild to be clear of the aids virus he's been called the London patients which is Kate Kelland has been following the story this man was living with HIV he'll say developed Hodgkin's lymphoma which is a type of blood cancer he became very sick and three years ago his doctors decided to try a last ditch attempt %HESITATION to save his life and they offered him a bone marrow transplants with stem cells from an HIV resistant Dana so the Dennis cells had a particular %HESITATION genetic mutation nine a C. C. R. five this is a very rad mutation it's usually only found in paperless %HESITATION northern European descent but it is very less and it makes his cells %HESITATION resistant to the virus that causes aids this is very significant at the international aids society has described this is a critical moment in the search for a kill the London patient is the second person abba worldwide to achieve remission from HIV and not on an extended basis and it does mean that this is a proof of concept that a cure for aids can be found the first known case of a functional cured of HIV within an American man Timothy brown he became known as the Berlin patient when he underwent similar treatment in Germany in two thousand and seven the London patients doctors said the second case is extremely positive but were quick to point out that it is not a cure all for all this can't be done on a large scale I am very marrow stem cell transplants all very complicated that very expensive and the very risky I'm in effect they can kill you if they go well I'm so this isn't translatable to a white population of people what it does mean though is that scientists can explore , a seven year this genetic mutation and focus on not as a potential fuel in the future scientific research has led to drug combinations that can keep the complex virus at bay in most patients this latest triumph may not be the final solution medics hope they'll be able to use these findings to explore potential new treatment strategies