FIRST AIRED: March 15, 2019

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right just west of a small town called Santa to race in New Mexico stands a new eighteen foot tall twenty mile long fence in the middle of the truck while one desert the recently completed barrier is part of the trump administration's effort to build a wall along the US southern border but to many locals this seventy four million dollar fence strikes them as a surprising priority in the fight against illegal immigration drugs and human trafficking Reuters correspondent Andrew Hey visited the new structure we here in el Paso just %HESITATION east of the town of sense to raise the web president trump has built the longest section of border wall in his administration it was built with money from the secure border act in two thousand and six that trump approved in twenty eighteen jump treated to a couple of weeks ago that this is proof that he's border wall is being built he said that he's going to build a smart strategic wall in places where it's most needed and his critics say that that is not sent today sept assented to reset his never ever had a %HESITATION the image or %HESITATION problem where we were %HESITATION you know in infested with with contraband drugs or illegal crossers I've been here twenty eight years working in the industrial base and I can only recall one instance where I saw somebody who was probably end up %HESITATION undocumented crosser and the border patrol was chasing that's once in twenty eight years during a recent tour along this wall a U. S. border patrol official explained to Reuters that the project was necessary but this barrier does it allows us to limit the number of people that make cross this area if not %HESITATION at that constant %HESITATION impedance that deterrence allows to have a better operational view and control of what's happening this area and also allows us to man this area with fewer agents it's a force multiplier for us the agency would not provide figures , %HESITATION migrant apprehensions near Santa Theresa before and after the structure was built critics of the project said that %HESITATION the trump administration simply built the wall out whether they could build it not where it was needed on that place was sent to today so it's a population of four of four thousand %HESITATION %HESITATION so people that so there was very little local opposition it was also primarily federal land so it was quite easy to approve last month the president declared a national emergency which he said would allow him to seize federal funds already appropriated for other programs and use them to build the wall on Thursday the Senate voted to terminate that declaration setting up the first veto of trump's presidency