FIRST AIRED: March 9, 2019

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the heat is on big tech like Amazon Google and Facebook again this time with US presidential hopeful senator Elizabeth Warren vowing to break them up if she's elected president Warren who is seeking to stand out in the democratic field crowded with progressives vying to take on president Donald Trump in the twenty twenty election said in a blog post Friday that on their way to the top the company's quote bulldozed competition used our private information for profit and tilted the playing field against everyone else and in the process they have hurt small businesses in stifled innovation Reuters tech reporter Stephen Ellis even if it was a bit worn doesn't end up being the twenty twenty eight democratic presidential candidate that doesn't mean that's the end of the story for big tech companies in these proposals %HESITATION in the past Elizabeth Warren has helped enact regulation that affected big banks and also %HESITATION consumer financial protections so if she doesn't actually end up being successful as a candidate for president she might choose to take this up in the Senate after twenty twenty Amazon Google parent alphabet and Facebook were all down slightly on Friday mid day trading Warren said she would nominate regulators who would on wind acquisitions such as Facebook's deals for what's happened Instagram Amazon deals for whole foods and Zappos and Google's purchases of ways nest and double click but net choice in each commerce trade group whose members include Facebook and other online companies said warrants play would lead to higher prices for Americans and the competitive enterprise institute a think tank that promotes free markets called Warren's plan a quote doomed regulatory experiment Warren major political marked by going after big banks and has been an outspoken critic of companies she claims are getting richer at the expense of working Americans