FIRST AIRED: November 10, 2018

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>> Apple and Amazon announcing Friday that the iPhone maker's newest products will now also be sold through the e-commerce giant's website. The new sales channel comes in time for the big holiday shopping season. Reuters Apple correspondent, Steven Nellis.>> So you might have gone on Amazon before and tried to find an iPhone, and even though Apple didn't officially sell it there in a direct relationship with Amazon, you probably saw some iPhones on there.
And that is exactly the problem. So there were third party sellers selling iPhones on Amazon that might have been used, and then some of them even turned out to be counterfeits. If you go to some of these product listings and you had looked at the reviews, you'll see all kinds of complaints from customers saying, I got this phone and it was fake, or the box was already opened, or having other kinds of issues.
So part of this was the two companies working together to make sure that from Apple's perspective, its customers weren't getting a counterfeit product or a used product when they weren't expecting one. And from Amazon's perspective, giving those people one more reason to come to Amazon, rather than go somewhere else like Apple's own website.
>> The deal underscores how top brands, which long resisted distributing products via Amazon, are increasingly turning to the e-commerce site as it becomes a critical resource for reaching customers. Amazon has been taking a harder line on counterfeit goods as well. As part of the agreement, Amazon will clear its site of unofficial Apple products, and only Amazon or resellers authorized by Apple will be able to sell the products.
If you're looking for the cheaper, non-branded accessories like headphones or charging cables compatible with Apple devices, don't worry. Those will still be sold on Amazon as long as they follow Apple's rules for accessory makers. While most of Apple's products will be available on Amazon, if you're looking for Apple's HomePod, a competitor to Amazon's Echo devices, those won't be sold on the site.