FIRST AIRED: November 13, 2018

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>> Razor thin vote margins, disputed recounts, angry protests. Voters cast their ballots a week ago but the 2018 election is far from over. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where the increasingly ugly battle unfolding in Florida is bringing back bad memories of 2000 when George W Bush won the White House only after the Supreme Court stepped in.
Many of the same factors are in the mix this time as well. Rickety voting machines, accusations of fraud, lawsuits flying, with control of a pivotal state hanging in the balance. Just a few thousand votes separate the candidates in Florida's senate and governor's races. Officials now struggling to complete a recount by a Thursday deadline.
Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott going to court to force officials to ignore ballots they hadn't counted by the weekend.>> But it's to protect the integrity of the election.>> A judge denying his request to seize voting equipment, saying there's no evidence of fraud. Incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, says Scott is using his power as governor to try to undermine the voting process.
>> Because he should remove himself from any role in the recount process.>> President Trump calling on officials to ignore state law and drop the recounts altogether. Writing on Twitter, quote, an honest vote count is no longer possible, ballots massively infected, offering no evidence. The Democratic Party also going to court, trying to get more time to count mail-in ballots that haven't yet arrived.
The Governor's Mansion also in dispute, Republican Ron DeSantis is holding a narrow lead over Democrat Andrew Gillum. The Governor's battle potentially more significant. Florida's perpetually the biggest swing state in presidential elections. Both parties are eager to have a friend in the state house, come 2020.>> Mr. President, I look forward to working with you.