FIRST AIRED: November 11, 2018

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>> Florida will hold a recount in the state's tight races for US Senate, Governor, and Agriculture Commissioner.>> This is invalid.>> Florida's Secretary of State on Saturday officially authorized a machine recount in the three state wide races.>> The people of Florida deserve fairness.>> Republican Governor Rick Scott holds a razor thin lead against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson in the race for US Senate.
By Saturday afternoon Scott's lead narrowed over Nelson to about 12,500 votes, or 0.15%. In the state's other close race, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis leads Democrat Andrew Gillum by about 33,700 votes, or 0.41%. After the recount was ordered Gillum withdrew his concession.>> I am replacing my words of concession with an uncompromised and unapologetic call that we count every single vote.
>> Election officials have until 3 PM on Thursday to complete the machine recount. If the results show a margin of 0.25% or less, which could be the case in the Senate race, a hand recount will be ordered. Results from that recount would be due on November 18th.>>
>> Protestors supporting candidates on both sides poured out into the streets. The drama conjuring memories of the state's 2000 Presidential recount.>> Every vote counts.>> The winner then hung in the balance for weeks before the US Supreme Court stopped the counting. And Republican George W Bush was declared winner over Democrat Al Gore.
>> And all of a sudden they're finding votes out of nowhere.>> Without providing any evidence President Trump has accused Democratic election officials in Florida's Broward and Palm Beach Counties of corruption. Tweeting, trying to steal two big elections in Florida, we are watching closely. The recounts and possible legal challenges mean it could be weeks until a winner is determined in these too close to call races.