FIRST AIRED: November 15, 2018

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>> And there's some white spots. The white spots are where people climbed over, cuz they wipe the rust off.>> Yes, border patrol is probably best known for apprehending illegal immigrants and busting drug traffickers, but another very large component of their job is rescuing migrants. We were there when two Guatemalan migrants got into trouble in this area of Arizona after increased border security in areas like San Diego, Yuma, Texas, the Rio Grande valley near McAllen.
It's made the Arizona section where we were in the most popular point on the border for people who are trying to evade capture, according to the border patrol agents who we were with. And that's exactly what Misael and his uncle Joselino Gomez Esteban were trying to do. Misael wanted to work in a restaurant, he'd worked in a restaurant in Mexico.
He realized that in a couple of hours' work in the United States he could earn what he earned in a day. They had crossed the border the previous night. The younger migrant, Misael, 25-year-old man, began to suffer from advanced symptoms of heat stroke, and he collapsed. His uncle called 911.
We were with two border patrol agents in a Chevy Suburban driving around the area. At the same time there were elites
border patrol medical teams looking for the two migrants as well. And up in the air there was a a team of County Medical Emergency helicopter looking for them, and a Customs and Border Protection helicopter flying to the north.
And the dispatcher told the uncle, Joselino, to light a fire so that the search helicopters and the ground searches could see them. At one point we actually smelled smoke, we are about a quarter of a mile away, but we couldn't find them.>> We're about 3.3 miles from the border, and we had a 911 call saying that he's in distress and he has a friend that was in distress.
They started a fire. The fire's right here. This was this morning. We've spent all day looking for them. We weren't able to locate them until now.
And unfortunately when we got there, it went from being a rescue operation to a recovery operation, recovering the dead body of Misael.>> Sheriff's department, how may I help you?>> Hi ma'am this is Tim from US Border Control. I have a request for you.>> Uh-huh?>> We have a dead body.
>> He had died at some point earlier of heatstroke. People's bodies just shut down. Sullivan, Agent Sullivan, was an EMT specialist, and it was a personal matter to him to try and get there and try and save this guy's life. Agent Sullivan was frustrated. He kicks the dirt.
He said, damn, we were only a quarter of a mile away from these guys. They do about three rescues a day, did over 900 rescues in this fiscal year, that ended on October 31, which is like a 25% rise from last year. And then in fiscal year 2018 I think border-wide they launched over 3,000 rescue operations.