FIRST AIRED: November 9, 2018

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>> At the time.>> Well-wishers sending Ruth Bader Ginsburg their hopes for a speedy recovery, Thursday. Some on Twitter offering to donate their own ribs after the Supreme Court's liberal icon fractured three of hers in a fall on Wednesday at the Court. The injury reviving questions over how long the 85 year old Justice is likely to remain on the bench.
With President Trump eager to appoint more conservatives to the nation highest court. Reporter Andrew Chung covers the Supreme Court>> He has already named two conservative Justices. And if Ruth Peter against Burg leaves, that means the court would have a say six to three conservative majority.>> After falling at her office, Ginsburg initially went home, but was admitted to the hospital for observation Thursday morning.
>> Back when Barack Obama was President, a lot of liberals wanted her to step down so that President Obama could name someone younger to the Court, she resisted. So now, there's a lot of people that are still very concerned about her health and well-being.>> I, Ruth Bader Ginsberg-
>> Known to many admirers as the Notorious RBG, Ginsberg made her name decades ago as an advocate for women's rights, and has served on the high court since 1993, repeatedly saying she has no plans to step down.>> I will do this job, as long as I can do it full steam.
>> One of the Court's four liberals,she's seen as a major counterweight, as President Trump has tilted the Court increasingly to the right. First, naming conservative Neil Gorsuch and after a fierce confirmation battle, placing Brett Kavanaugh in the seat vacated by the Court's former swing vote, Anthony Kennedy. On Thursday, Trump attended a ceremony formally welcoming Kavanaugh on the Court.
>> The Court now has a more solid five to four conservative majority. And if she leaves the Court for whatever reason, that would have major implications for all sorts of issues, in particular social issues, such as abortion rights,gay rights, minority rights.>> The oldest of the nine of Justices, Ginsburg is no stranger to health problems, surviving bouts of cancer, and cracked ribs from another fall in 2012.
Among those offering words of support Thursday, Senior White House Advisor Kelly Anne Conway.>> We're praying for her, and we know how tough she is. I've known her for many many years.>> Doctors on Thursday said they expect Ginsburg to be well enough to leave the hospital within days.