FIRST AIRED: November 13, 2018

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New details are coming to light in that tragic Indonesian plane crash and Boeing is in the spotlight. 189 people were killed late last month after a Lion Air flight dived into the Java Sea. According to Indonesian investigators on Monday, the pilots were in a situation that wasn't in the instruction manual.
Reuters' Jamie Freed explains.>> The Lion Air pilots were flying this Boeing 737 MAX, which was only introduced into service last year. It's the newest version of the 737. And it turns out that this is a bit more of an automated plane than the previous version. And in certain circumstances, this plane computer could take over even when the pilots turns the autopilot off.
And it could pitch the nose of the plane down and pilots could have difficulty controlling it. Basically, the computer was in charge and they wouldn't have known. They would have thought that once they turned autopilot off, they were in charge, not the computer. And in this case it seems like the computer was in charge and they were not made aware of that because it was not in their flight manuals.
>> Lion Air officials say they had followed a training regime approved by both US and European regulators. Two US pilot unions told Reuters pilots there were also unaware of potential dangers. Last week, Boeing issued a bulletin to amend their manuals and highlight the problem. A US government official says Boeing is expected to unveil a new software update to reduce the risk.
But when that update might come out is unclear. This all comes as investigators prepare to publish their preliminary report into the crash, which is set to be unveiled at the end of the month.>> It will just have the facts, and from there it's up to lawyers whether they wanna pursue anything.
>> The October 29th crash was the first accident involving a 737 MAX which entered into service last year.