FIRST AIRED: November 16, 2018

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>> They've recounted the ballots in Florida, now they're going to count them again, this time by hand. Florida officials ordering up a statewide hand recount to determine the winner of the hard fought Senate race. This after an electronic recount found the contest still too close to call. Republican Rick Scott clinging to a narrow lead, less than one-quarter of a percent over incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson after local officials double-check their ballots.
But the battle for Governor, another closely fought race, may be nearing it's conclusion.>> It's now time to come together as a state->> The electronic recount determined that Republican Ron DeSantos is ahead of Democrat Andrew Gillum by four-tenths of a percentage point. That's enough to rule out another recount under Florida law.
Gillum says he's not dropping out. The troubled plagued recount has revived memories of the State's disputed presidential election of 2000.>> Certify the vore.>> Malfunctioning voting machines causing Palm Beach County to miss a 3:00 PM Thursday deadline. With lawsuits flying, Federal judge Mark Walker on Thursday erupted over the chaos, calling the state quote the laughing stock of the world.
> Scott calling on Nelson to admit defeat in the Senate battle. Republicans are confident he'll come out ahead in the end. Nelson accusing Scott of using his role as governor to affect the outcome.>> That my opponent isn't interested in making sure that every lawful vote is counted.
>> President Trump, a part time resident to the state, is saying without evidence, that both elections were marred by voter fraud.>> Hello, everybody.>> Critics warning that could weaken public faith in the outcome of future contests, like Trump's upcoming 2020 re-election battle.