FIRST AIRED: November 9, 2018

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>> Happen, but if it does.>> UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is blaming North Korea for cancelled talks with the US. They were set to happen this week with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meeting North Koreans in New York. The US side said the date was being pushed back and gave no reason why.
But on Thursday, Haley put the ball in North Korea's court.>> You know North Korea said they needed to postpone it for whatever reason. Secretary Pompeo was ready to come. I have talked with the administration, and basically what we are looking at is they postponed it because they weren't ready.
>> Haley urged Pyongyang to honor a deal made between Kim Jong Un and President Trump in June. Haley was upbeat, she says she doesn't see a major issue. But the delay is only the latest snag for the Trump administration's plans to get North Korea to denuclearize. And as Reuter's So Yong Kim explains from Seoul, last minute cancellations are a typical Pyongyang tactic.
>> It's common that North Korea has canceled or delayed planned meetings, or sometimes they just do not answer calls from negotiating counterparts. Experts say that is a typical North Korean playbook to show that the other party needs North Korea more than North Korea needs them.>> The delay came as both sides are digging in.
The US wants Pyongyang to ditch its weapons completely. But North Korea says Washington has to lift sanctions first.>> US says that North Korea so far has been refusing to make irreversible stops toward denuclearization, such as a full disclosure of their weapons program. So Pompeo's main objective has been to get more of that commitment which North Korea has been very reluctant to give.
But the countries also wanted to set up plans for a second summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un. So the Pompeo meeting delayed means that the second summit won't likely happen soon.>> North Korea's mission to the United Nations did not respond to a request for comment on the delay.