FIRST AIRED: November 13, 2018

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>> Are you->> That's enough, put down the mic.>> CNN is suing the Trump administration for yanking reporter Jim Acosta's press credentials last week after a stunning exchange with President Trump at the White House.>> CNN should be ahsamed of itself having you working for them.>> Reuters White House Correspondent Jeff Mason.
>> That was quite an escalation in relationship between CNN, specifically, and the White House. But also, more broadly, for the press corps, removing credentials or removing a reporter's ability to come to the White House to do his job. And it's that that CNN is trying to address now with this lawsuit.
>> CNN asked a Washington court to have Acosta's White House pass returned immediately. But said it wanted to send a wider message, arguing Trump's move left unchallenged would, quote, create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials. The White House quickly firing back Tuesday, calling the suit, quote, more grandstanding from CNN, saying it would vigorously fight it.
Trump erupted in anger last Wednesday when Acosta questioned him about calling migrants traveling through Mexico an invasion.>> They're hundreds of miles away, though, they're hundreds and hundreds of miles away.>> You know what? I think you should->> That's not an invasion.>> And about the Mueller probe into Russian election meddling.
>> You are a rude, terrible person.>> The White House later accused Acosta of putting his hands on an intern attempting to take away a microphone, releasing a video of the incident that experts said had been doctored. A closer look at the video showed Acosta pulling back. It's the latest in a long running feud with the media, Trump often targeting CNN.
>> He has referred to the media as the enemy of the American people. He has used the term fake news to describe stories that he doesn't like. That said, the flipside of that heated relationship is he has also been extremely accessible to journalists. He takes questions a lot.
So this latest sort of decision to remove a reporter's credentials really is one of the first times that he's really acted on, or the White House has acted on, that more negative rhetoric.>> The White House Correspondents' Association issuing a statement backing Acosta, saying the president should, quote, not be in the business of arbitrarily picking the men and women who cover him.
>> You're a very rude person.