FIRST AIRED: November 23, 2018

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>> Despite being the breadwinner in a family of six, Lee Mu-de has no legal relationship with her children. That's because they were all given birth by her partner, making, Chen Fan The only parent recognized by Taiwanese law. Taiwan's constitutional court ruled to legalize gay marriage a year ago but same sex couples like Chen and Lee are waiting for the legal system to catch up.
>> Two of our babies were premature and had to be sent to a nearby hospital. While my wife was in the obstetrics clinic, I went with my babies but the hospital said the birth mother needed to sign all the papers that required a parent's signature.>> Taiwan's same sex ruling was the first of its kind in Asia.
It set a two-year deadline to turn the ruling into law. But conservative religious groups have called for referendum to keep that from happening, they want same sex couples to register partnerships instead. LGBT activists have responded with a referendum bid of their own. On Saturday the public will decide in a vote either for or against same sex marriage.
For Lee and Chen, their biggest worry is what might happen in the case of a medical emergency for their children.>> The referendum has forced a lot of people to think about the LGBT issue. It's something our society is going to have to face as time goes on.
>> Taiwan has earned a reputation as Asia's gay capital. It has a vibrant gay scene, including an annual pride parade that's one of the biggest in the region. But experts say socially conservative attitudes here still hold sway, putting same sex couples under pressure. Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, vowed to push for marriage equality when she came to power in 2016 but now, she's under fire from rights activists who accuse her of backing away from her promises.