FIRST AIRED: November 12, 2018

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>> The death toll from two massive wildfires raging in California rising to 11 on Saturday. The Woolsey Wildfire in Southern California doubling in size spreading over 70,000 acres killing two people and damaging thousands of home and businesses in its path.>> Memories gone, I mean it was all in perfect condition, two and a half hours ago, when I'm standing there.
>> Bumper to bumper traffic piled up along California's Pacific Coast Highway and nearly 250,000 people scrambled to evacuate.>> We ask people to not go back into those areas cuz quite frankly it's still not safe.>> I'm surrounded by fire.>> A Reuters cameraman evacuating his home in Malibu captured this video of the fast-moving blaze.
Meanwhile, a deadly wildfire is also raging in Northern California. The Camp Fire has killed at least nine people in and around the town of Paradise. State's fire officials say it is the most destructive blaze in California's history. Reuters photographer Stephen Lamb is covering the Camp Fire.>> There are about more than 3,000 fire personnel on scene right now to fight this massive, wind-driven fire.
The town of Paradise has lost about 6,000 structures, and the weather so far is still very smoky, as you can tell from the background.>> Many evacuees ending up at shelters like this one in Chico, California, they're filling up fast.>> We lost our house, we lost our business in a matter of seconds.
The only thing we got is our credit cards and our bank cards, we had virtually nothing.>> Trump early on Saturday Tweeting the quote gross mismanagement of forests was to blame for the two unchecked wildfires, adding quote, remedy now or no more Fed payments. Those words providing little comfort to those impacted by the fires, some, who lost everything and will need to start from scratch.