FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2018

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>> Moreover, Tuesday's elections handed Democrats control of the House of Representatives. And with that, the power to launch their own investigations if the think Whitaker is impeding Mueller.>> Under the Special Council regulations, Whitaker can stop Mueller from taking a major step like bringing in an indictment or subpoena.
The Justice Department saying Whitaker will now assume oversight of that probe. Reuters legal correspondent, Jan Wolfe.>> This is a really dramatic development for the Mueller investigation because Whitaker has written a CNN op-ed, and also given radio interviews where he's really said that Special Counsel doesn't have a strong case and that he's being too aggressive.
So for him to take over over sight of the pro, was really gonna be a probably a 180 degree shift from the really hands off approach that Rod Rosenstein, took.>> Trump has called Mueller's probe a witch hunt. Democrats have demanded the Special Council be protected from Trump, if necessary, and Department of Justice regulations make it difficult for the Acting AG to dismiss Mueller outright.
>> As Acting Attorney General Whitaker can fire Mueller for good cause, but that's a high standard. Legal experts say that would be a real dereliction of duties really a gross violation of DOJ polices. So Whitaker could try that, he could say this is a witch hunt, and so there's a good cause to fire Mueller.
But expect a major push back if he were to do that.>>
But he has to explain himself to Congress. He has to explain why he took that action. And now that the House of Representatives is in Democratic control they might not be happy with his explanations. And that could trigger hearings and investigations of his actions.>> The Special Counsel maintained a low profile in the months leading up to the midterms, but with the elections over, some believe Robert Mueller could be wrapping up and readying a final report.