FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2018

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>> Can your iPhone do this?>> When it's open, it's a tablet.>> Samsung unveiling a prototype of its first foldable phone with a flexible screen at its developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. And it's partnering with Google, the tech giant saying we can expect to see a device on the market early next year.
I'm Reuters' Jane Lanhee Lee. Samsung needs to get the foldable phone right as it tries to restore some of the premium cash its brand has lost to Apple. And analysts here say this could bring a wow factor back to the smartphone market. Although at the beginning, they'll likely be even more expensive than the iPhone Xs and possibly a bit clunky.
>> Samsung unveiling the design and urging Android developers here to get started building apps for it. The foldable phone offering users a larger tablet screen inside a pocket-size device, and a handful of smartphone makers have been working on them. China's Huawei has also said it's planning to launch a 5G smartphone with a foldable screen in mid-2019.
Both Samsung and Huawei however have been beaten to the market by Royal, a Chinese display-making startup. It launched this phone called Flex Pi and showed it to a small group of journalists in San Francisco earlier this week. It'll set you back $1,300, but you can get one by the end of the year, says CEO Bill Lieu.
>> You don't have to buy seperate devices. One smartphone, one tablet, and one pad. Now you can just buy a single device because we don't use glass for the screens. So now you don't have to worry about broken screens.>> While this phone is as slick as a glass-cased smart phone, the new technology will surely turn some heads when they hit the market.
Samsung for now isn't giving developers or media a closeup look and touch of the new prototype.