FIRST AIRED: November 10, 2018

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>> Residents of India's capital choked on toxic fumes this week, but some of Delhi's dogs were breathing in purified air at a luxury resort. The air here's some of the most polluted in the world, and many of the city's 20 million inhabitants cannot or will not protect themselves from a potentially deadly cocktail of gases and particles.
At the top dog luxury pet resort, there's relief for posh pouches.>> Yeah, I think the air purifiers, I guess, are as relevant to dogs as well as to human beings. It's hard to breath. We just came back from a vacation where the air quality was fantastic, it was below 40 or 50.
And when you step out of the airport, just a few hours back, it hits you.>> Many of the residents are owned by politicians, diplomats and businessmen. Rooms cost $28 a night, more than five times the average daily wage. Food is imported from Canada and the soundtrack is more akin to a high-end spa.
Outdoor playtime has been cut during Diwali, pollution levels rose to severe this week after revelers let off fireworks to mark the Hindu festival. For those who can't afford the day rate, dog pollution masks will soon be available. The company behind the canine mask is looking for an India distributor.