FIRST AIRED: November 23, 2018

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>> Are you confident of concessions from Brussels, Prime Minister?>> The British Prime Minister's journey to delivering on her Brexit plan has only just begun. Between now and Exit Day on March the 29th next year, embattled Theresa May faces dozens of make or break votes in Parliament. And Parliament is split into many factions who have only one thing in common, they don't much her Brexit plan.
Britain and the European Commission had a successful meeting on Wednesday to finalize their divorce terms.>> The text of that declaration has been agreed between the European Union and the United Kingdom.>> Now, Sunday sees the heads of all remaining EU member states convene at a summit in Brussels to endorse the deal.
That after May meets the EU Commission's president there on Saturday. Spain had threatened to throw an 11th hour spanner into the works, declaring it would veto the deal if it did not change to include an agreement over Gibraltar's place in the withdrawal process. But the enclave worked with Madrid to pave over that particular crack.
But it'll face vehement opposition.>> Mr Speaker.>> With hardline Euroskeptic, and staunch pro-EU factions and various shades of grey in between.
>> I have to say->> The UK's former Brexit minister, who quit over May's proposed deal last week.>> We do need to change this.>> The latest big name to insist on Friday, the deal will be voted down. And then it would be head long into the uncharted territories of a potential no-deal Brexit.