FIRST AIRED: November 12, 2018

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>> New scenes of fiery chaos in California Monday as yet another blaze erupted alongside a highway just north of Los Angeles.>> Within the last hour we had two brand new starts and obviously it just hits home on the fact that we are still in significant fire weather.
And the existing fire is not our only concern.>> Dubbed the Peak Fire, in California's Simi Valley, it's the latest threat facing a state already reeling from at least two other devastating infernos. The Woolsey Fire in neighboring Westlake and Thousand Oaks, burning more than 91,000 acres and forcing evacuation orders for a quarter of a million people.
Further north a so-called camp fire torching the town of Paradise over the weekend, destroying more than 6,700 homes and businesses, the most destructive in California's history. Those two fires killing at least 31 people with hundreds more missing.>> I don't wanna say the names on the air. But two of my friends right now are missing, one from Magalia, one out of Paradise.
And I'm hoping that they ain't one of the body counts.>> Authorities saying at least 200 people are unaccounted for.>> I was surrounded by fire.>> Dry Santa Anna winds fanning the flames and forecast to continue through Tuesday evening, scattering embers and threatening to ignite fresh fires.
Gusts of up to 40 miles per hour are expected in the mountains and canyons of Southern California. The winds combined with low humidity creating the perfect conditions for fires to spread.>> We're gonna do everything we can, we're requesting Presidential declaration, funding coming from the federal government, of course there will be efforts from the state government as well.
It's a time to pull together and work through these tragedy.>> California Governor Jerry Jerry Brown has asked President Donald Trump to declare a major disaster to bolster the emergency response. Statewide agency CAL FIRE has more than 3,200 personnel battling the blazes, throwing 127 fire engines into the fight with hundreds more coming in to assist from other parts of the country.