FIRST AIRED: November 14, 2018

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Britian has a Brexit deal, technically speaking.>> The negotiations for our depature are now in the end game.>> British and EU negotiators have agreed on a draft of the divorced deal text, now we're just waiting to see what it says officially, and whether politicians in London, Northern Island and the EU will get on board.
The next step, a meeting between Theresa May and her fractured cabinet on Wednesday afternoon. They'll be aware there are just five months until Friday 29th of March, the Brexit grand finale. Now Euro skeptics are lining up to say the draft deal is no good.>> And I don't see how you can support it if you believe in the political economic freedom of this country.
So, if you ask me a question, am I gonna bet against it? The answer is yes.>> It would keep us in the customs union and the factor in the single market. This is the vassal state, it is the failure of the government's to get a share in position, it is a failure to deliver on Brexit.
>> If enough Euro skeptics vote against the deal, it may be impossible for May to get it through Parliament. She will also have to convince the Democratic Unionist Party, which props up her government. It opposes any deal that will see Northern Ireland treated differently from the rest of the UK.
It's not known exactly what the draft deal says about the border with Southern Ireland. Then there's the rest of the EU to convince. Leaders likely to meet on November 25th to sign off on the agreement, if May's cabinet has given it's go ahead. Little wonder that markets don't know what to make of it all.
Sterling surging on initial reports of the deal but soon sliding back. Traders as much as anyone, uncertain quite what happens next.>> No Brexit.