FIRST AIRED: May 17, 2019

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this device is being nicknamed the Fitbit accounts it allows farmers to monitor that help from a tablets and share information on where the meats come from with consumers , you can also keep livestock leaving with noises and vibrations it's still in its trial phase but it's possible growing number of companies in New Zealand looking to future proof real meat and dairy from the growing threat of this , vegan substitutes that look and taste like the real thing but it being marketed as a healthier greener alternative to the real deal New Zealand FAMAS and even the governments have begun to take note of that expansion is the country relies heavily on farming which is correspondent Sean a green field has been tracking the trend and speaking to FAMAS up and down the country I was actually surprised by how much the risk of %HESITATION tentative %HESITATION synthetic proteins was on their mind so a lot of them are saying that farming is probably gonna change more in the next ten to fifteen years and it has you know even and that their lifetimes %HESITATION and there's going to have to become a lot more data driven they gonna have to do a lot more to prove %HESITATION what they're doing and to that %HESITATION so they can see that and also just be you know really ram have there if it sounds didn't fire meant to %HESITATION and animal welfare and also lay back and welfare of this staff well that might come with a higher price tag companies are betting that %HESITATION keep that products relevance among more conscious consumers that they'll even be willing to pay a premium for more ethical meet along side advances in tech some farm is a developing a brand new knee should meet together these lands graze on a field of hud's specifically selected to unlock a me gets to read and then meets the so called Tymon alarms it took a decade to establish with help from a full time geneticist other companies are working on products like immune enhancing milk to help safeguard this industry from its fake competition