FIRST AIRED: May 19, 2019

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after reports the trump administration was planning to fly hundreds of undocumented migrants to southern Florida to help ease the strain on credit facilities at the U. S. Mexico border the acting homeland security chief on Sunday said his agency will not be following through on that plan your cousins were protection did notify officials locally in those areas that they were looking at the possibility of doing that's correct to be clear is Florida still being considered no we're using the southwest border sectors for additional capacity and it will not be in the future no I don't believe so it's a sharp reversal that comes after an uproar last week from state and local officials who said they were not prepared to take in hundreds of migrant families in Florida's Broward and Palm Beach counties just no real plan on what's going to happen to these five hundred people every month that's going to come to Palm Beach county and be released into our community Florida's Republican governor Rhonda Santis blasted the plan on Friday we cannot accommodate in Florida %HESITATION just dumping the unlawful migrants %HESITATION into our state on Sunday at the governor said he spoke to trump and now migrants won't be heading to his states the only reason they're pulling that back is because a Republican governor %HESITATION has %HESITATION challenge this idea %HESITATION so this this looks a lot like the sanctuary cities kind of pushed by the present which is we'll send them to whatever states we don't care about democratic congressman Adam Schiff on Sunday said the influx of illegal immigrants what's up trumps own making their slowing down the processing of asylum seekers at legal ports of entry which only encourages people to go %HESITATION between the legal ports of entry with overcrowded makeshift encampments like this one in McAllen Texas border officials have flown hundreds of detained immigrants to San Diego for processing and officials are developing plans to move other migrant families elsewhere to ease the , then on border detention facilities when our sixteen thousand custody so yes I'm very concerned about the conditions are not appropriate facilities %HESITATION for families and children customs and border protection says nearly five hundred twenty thousand people have been apprehended at the U. S. Mexico border since October first the highest in a decade