FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2019

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Hey blockbuster ruling has knocked the wind out of Paul com the world's largest provider of mobile phone technology the stock plunged as much as twelve percent Wednesday after a federal judge ruled qual compote strangled competition by using its dominance to force phone makers to buy only Qualcomm chips or to extract higher licensing fees or both the judge Tuesday ordered Qualcomm to renegotiate licensing deals at reasonable prices without threatening to cut off supplies this ruling could force Paul com to completely change the way it does business since it's nearly impossible to find a phone in the world that doesn't contain Qualcomm technology rotors breaking news columnist rob Syria the reason why investors freaked out today's because Qualcomm makes most of its profits from licensing patents not for producing chips %HESITATION and the ruling today basically destroyed it it could destroy Qualcomm is business model by saying Hey you have two copies have to be able to license out these patents on fair terms you can charge also you can't charge in the entire device what that means is Pat caucusing me earning a lot less royalties and therefore a lot less profit welcome ask the judge to put the ruling on hold as it immediately seeks an appeal to the case brought by the Federal Trade Commission stating from this legal set back comes after a major victory last month Qualcomm and apple settled their long running dispute with apple agreeing to ditch its anti trust complaint and once again by Qualcomm chips what with Tuesday's ruling there's now a new risk for Qualcomm just as the more about world are spending big on next generation wireless technology known as five G. Qualcomm benefit handsomely during the four G. upgrade how many dollars end up in Qualcomm sprocket this time around is now being called into question