FIRST AIRED: May 30, 2019

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what does this cooter a jar of honey and this soap have in common they are all made from hemp a crop that was a legal to grow in the US until recently , but now farmers can't get enough of it Eric Steenstrup help to get the law changed it was considered to be the same as marijuana even though it's a different variety of the plant that you can't really hide from but %HESITATION in twenty eighteen %HESITATION Congress included a provision that we advocated for in the farm bill %HESITATION that removed him from the controlled substances act and then allowed states in the U. S. T. eight other turn are regulated as an agricultural crop and what some are calling an agrarian gold rush took off with sales of hemp in the US reaching one point one billion dollars last year there's about twenty five thousand different products that you can make from I'm everything from building materials to clothing to foods body care %HESITATION and and even %HESITATION teachers in oil so I can be used as a health supplement , that potential for profits is driving farmers into him says Reuters correspondent Judy in worsen we've spoken to some processors that upset him can bring in seven hundred fifty dollars an acre I've seen estimates from Pennsylvania work could bring three hundred dollars an acre those numbers are a lot higher than that say thirty to fifty dollars an acre you can you can get for growing weed or or grants the hope is that industrial hemp could really provide an Avenue towards profitability for some of these farmers that are really struggling with huge surpluses and low prices and basically trying to keep their family farms afloat there's about a hundred and fifty acres of dash land out here jumping in on the craze our first time hemp farmers like Rick gash who owns land in Augusta Kansas now we're grown help so this was a horse been a horse pasture for the last nine years good thing about him is that he throws in pretty much any soil except for clay but there are also plenty of challenges hemp seeds are costly special equipment is needed for harvesting hemp well the crops flowers which produce high value medicinal C. B. D. oil are typically harvested by hand all the reasons why experts warn that until more research is done on hemp production it should not be viewed as a sure thing but as another crop for farmers to add to their rotation