FIRST AIRED: May 30, 2019

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that could lead to a standoff between Britain's next prime minister and parliament , person is hurtling towards the exit door if Europe scheduled to leave on Halloween this year getting a deal it will be hard in the short time left Brussels says it restarting talks is a non starter all that's left on the table is the unless treaty that may try to squeeze through parliament three times and failed , parliament has passed a motion against crushing out without to deal three hundred Ted was non binding those so is the anything lawmakers can do to prevent a heart breaks , well they could try to cancel breaks it outright by revoking article fifty of the U. K.'s treaty with the E. U. but that won't be easy it would require legislation passed by parliament and what a majority of lawmakers approach remained that struggle to get enough backing for such a controversial choice , many believing the wishes of places in the twenty sixteen E. U. referendum should be respected at any cost cool parliament could seek an emergency debate and try to pass a motion saying no deal is a no go but that would also be nonbinding one last option would be to force a vote of no confidence against the government that depends on how vicious things get in the next few weeks since it would require defections from Mays ruling conservatives it would also be a leap of faith or some might say suicide a general election would become highly likely and since the conservatives and the main opposition labor would trounced in last week's European elections the likely to have little appetite for letting voters punish them again for the brexit impasse if no one comes up with an alternative the U. K. will object from Europe as planned in October without may successor I think to lift a finger