FIRST AIRED: May 15, 2019

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were just falling down on the job the acting head of the Federal Aviation Administration grilled by lawmakers Wednesday on the agency's role in allowing Boeing's now grounded seven thirty seven MAX airplanes to fly at the core of the heated hearing questions on how the FAA's could have approved a flawed anti stroll system known as M. cast which is suspected to have played a role in two recent deadly air crashes what were the steps the FAA took in reviewing the M. caste system and the accompanying training , is attested now three times and I have a diploma you Sir with all due respect I haven't gotten a direct answer and the committee deserves it , we'll get that answer for you Sir lawmakers also brought up media reports that violates weren't aware of how old the crucial software worked Mister how how could it be that we didn't tell the palace about M. Casson empty for them to be aware of it and the situation this was the system that was put in to allow there to be awesome what was , arguably a new airplane , to compete with Airbus and we didn't tell the pilots Wednesday's hearing comes as the FAA is facing increased scrutiny over how much autonomy it allowed Boeing for safety oversight lawmakers drill down on the FAA's practice of relying on so called authorize designees R. O. D. A.'s essentially company employees who help certified their own aircraft the vetting that is required of the individuals in and out a program in the audio program itself %HESITATION is very thorough and robust and to your point Mister chairman that that we're not resting on that in March an Ethiopian airlines seven thirty seven MAX crashed shortly after takeoff killing all hundred and fifty seven people on board and five months earlier a lion air flight went down Indonesia getting a hundred and eighty nine people prompting airlines and regulatory agencies around the globe to ground there seven thirty seven MAX fleets I believe it was every country , grounded the Max , before we did , every country FAA is data driven risk based systems approach we don't deviate from that so the opposite of data is common sense , the other countries acted on what looks like with common sense Boeing says it's hoping to obtain FAA approval for a software fix as quickly as late mais sources told Reuters US carriers are playing it safe for now canceling flights through early August