FIRST AIRED: May 27, 2019

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for decades Brazilian fishermen like Josie the crew east have made their living hunting for crabs in the swampy waters he doesn't use a rod and reel or a net instead to Wade through the tangle of Brazil's vast coastal mangroves to dig out crabs with his hands , I've been working in the mangroves since I was ten years old I take my food from the mangrove a food for me and my family the crap the oyster and the added to you are too much the four or five dozen crabs Groovies captures daily is half of what he costs ten years ago that's because his tenuous livelihood is threatened by climate change , as water temperatures rise the water turns more acidic and corrodes the shelves of crabs and other marine life and it's not just his food supply in peril sea levels are rising to threatening Kruis is low lying village where families live in my house is close to where local river meets the Atlantic Ocean one line of defense against these environmental changes are the main groups which cover three million acres of Brazil's coast except the can of schisms created are at this time we must have a barrier to dampen the severe impact of erosion by the ocean and storm waves that's why mangroves are sent shock experts say mangroves are also vital because they absorb carbon dioxide harmful greenhouse gas that causes global warming but while the mangroves are resilient in the face of climate change their existence is still threatened growing tourism has led to the clearing of mangroves to make way for small ins and peers along the coast warranty the main goals of suffering and I suffer along with them because that's where my food comes from and it's not just here it's not just me there are many fishermen that depend on the mangroves , by the battery powered radio maybe creases main connection to the outside world he is well aware of global warming and its effects first hand what they wish I didn't go to school I don't know how to read and write one thing I know and one thing I have is respect for nature please