FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2019

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break the campaign and Nigel for AJ is one of the few lawmakers in person enjoying this month's elections to the European Parliament in fact he's relishing it ferocious made his name is one of Britain's foremost critics of what he describes as an institution at the heart of the failing euro projects and he's putting everything into regaining its seats in the assembly he hopes is clear message in support of Britain's departure from the European Union will give him a foothold to transform the country's politics yeah with fighting this selection on the issue of democracy in if all that's not respected always democratic nation and in doing that a much debated the Levite is appealing to some remain voters as well , the mainstream policies it is a frightening comeback Vermont he took a step back from politics after Britain voted to leave the you in twenty sixteen at the time Farrar said he'd done his bit to secure brexit possible with three years in prison has missed its March twenty ninth brexit deadline add to that positions on how or even whether Britain should leave have become more entrenched prime minister Theresa may has so far failed to negotiate to waste three making it that's all ground the ferocity and his newly formed a brexit policy that topping the polls before the may twenty three election maybe it always stop his robes , in verse in European elections on normally a low key contest but this month's voces become more important offering a gauge of opinion since breaks it's has all but stalled , Britain's main parties the governing conservatives and opposition labor have dedicated a few resources to campaigning unlike for AJ he was mounting an energetic and fast paced campaign and some supporters want him to go further aping his brakes it policy will make a showing at persons next national election