FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2019

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concerns are mounting that the growing U. S. pressure on Iran from strident new sanctions to a show of American military might I'm doing a law may be weakening president Hassan Rouhani animal holding his hard line rivals writers special Middle East correspondent Michael Georgie is in Beirut in Iran pressure is building from several directions first of all president Rouhani probably has the most to lose he's one of the architects of the nuclear deal with IT states to sign this despite opposition from hardline clerics so the failure of the deal the failure of the United States is withdrawal of the deal has further isolated Iran and raised questions about his performance Rouhani is seen as something of a pragmatist in contrast with the more reactionary religious authorities under a supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the security apparatus of the elite revolutionary guard corps and now real honeys a party appears to be winning his brother a key adviser in the two thousand fifteen deal has been sentenced to jail on unspecified corruption charges and a hard line rivals heads the judiciary when Rouhani announced last week that Iran would roll back some of its commitments under the international nuclear deal a you're after trump withdrew the hardline daily Kayhan newspaper called the move late and minimal and that tough talk from president trump's team keeps coming we're gonna continue the maximum pressure and that %HESITATION as the president has said if they take action they're not gonna like what he does in response %HESITATION they're not going to be happy , as divisions grow US intelligence officials reportedly have photographic evidence of small boats in the Persian Gulf loaded with missiles by Iran in paramilitary forces The New York Times reports that one of the photos has been declassified but the Pentagon has not released it yet despite fears that hawkish trump advisers such as national security adviser John Bolton are gearing up for a military showdown The Washington Post on Thursday reported from himself is wary of being pushed into a conflict with Iran and there appears to be little appetite within Iran for a more dramatic clash with the U. S. on the other hand the hardline clerics despite their concert rhetoric condemning that it states it doesn't seem like anyone in Iran really has the stomach for a serious fight with the United States one of the main reasons for that is that in Iranians have become more emboldened since last December when protests erupted over poor living conditions a struggling economy %HESITATION unemployment all of these blades not just on the honey but on the clerical leadership comedy this week said his nation did not seek war but the U. S. but he also said he won't go back to the table as trump wants to hammer out a new deal with the U. S.