FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2019

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smog is a fact of life here in China's industrial heartland even steel workers taking a moment to enjoy some Chinese opera can't get away from it , Beijing is trying to change that with this war on pollution but Reuters interviews with factory bosses business owners and workers here in central Henan province revealed that crackdown is ruining livelihoods the pollution wars biting into hundreds of factory towns thanks in part to heavy handed officials , inspectors don't only come and visit our factory they put up surveillance cameras to the factory owner says he has little choice when it comes to strict new rules , there's nothing we can do we have to sacrifice your quality in our city , China's policy makers hope big provinces likely nine with its one hundred million people will help lead what it calls an economic upgrade Beijing wants to steer away from polluting industries but for people in Henan it's bad timing China is slowing down there's a running trade war with the U. S. new environmental limits are making it even harder to run the factories that employ everyone writers David stand way got a first hand look when he visited I'm young could nines big steel town its economy currently depends on steel for about fifty percent of its output , now most of the jobs also are derived from the steel sector and the city has really been trying to figure out new ways how to grow it's been tried to promote tourism it's been tried to provoke new energy vehicles but it continues to struggle steel is the mainstay of the local economy and as long as still demand remains high then there will be a market for its products the anti pollution campaign isn't only hitting big industrial centers song pose a two street town of mostly ethnic way Muslims for years it had been a thriving model of E. commerce thanks to demand for its core product knock off ugh boots but last year environmental inspectors clamp down after industrial sewage contaminated the water supply today only nineteen of a hundred and thirty five factories are still open , meanwhile Clinton hasn't cracked it's pollution problem back in on young the air is still bad a reality check for Beijing as China moves ahead with the bigger picture in mind for its future