FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2019

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person is watching and waiting for the prime minister to quit , clash to have final brexit gambits lawmakers on both sides according to her needed resignation so you could replace Theresa may as the next Conservative Party leader of the U. K. three have said they'll stand the bookies favorite Boris Johnson former foreign minister and Mays most outspoken critic type of brexit he resigned tech cabinet in protest I think brexit is unstoppable nine by his disheveled blond hat and eccentric turns of phrase he was seen by many as the face of the twenty sixteen leave campaign estimate convey the prey brexit former television presenter in charge of the controversial welfare reform universal credit morning minute staff she also resigned as work and pensions minister if amaze except deal , and Lori Stewart's former diplomats the old Italian once what six thousand miles across Iran Afghanistan Pakistan India and Nepal and a lot of people in Britain what can I get promoted to international development secretary this month he bought to remain in the twenty sixteen referendum opposes a new deal exit but says he's a brexit TM the race for the top job certainly likely to be crowded among the big names expected to still throwback hops into the prime ministerial ring Michael K. if he failed in a leadership bid against may in twenty sixteen I think this is a time for a cool heads the high energy environment ministers become surprise I like to mate and backed up breaks it strategy Jeremy hunt current foreign minister he voted to stay in that you she is passing for Britain probably best known for his run in with the financially stretched National Health Service while he episodes Andrea lets them and leave campaigner who quit on Wednesday his final th brexit deal she doesn't believe in let some made it to the last two in the twenty sixteen contest along side may but withdrew after backlash to an interview questions that being a mother I'm more of a stake in the future of the country that have rifle Dominic rob the for my brexit minister quits maze government last year after just five months in protest at had dropped exit tailed pilot for to making more progress today when asked if he'd like the PM's job the black belt in karate responded never say never I'm such a job of it former banker and champion of free markets Britain is open for business a second generation immigrants of Pakistani heritage is a portrait of Margaret Thatcher on his office wall if she resigns to resume would become the fourth consecutive prime minister in a row to a fallen foul of divisions over Europe within has centuries old party after David Cameron John Major and Margaret Thatcher