FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2019

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league of legends the world's most popular desktop based game may soon be coming to a small screen near you sources told Reuters exclusively that Chinese internet giant ten cent is working with developer riot games to make a more bile version of the online multi player game ten cent bought riot games in two thousand fifteen but the two companies have been at odds for years over how to best capitalize on league of legends one source said that ten cent wanted to develop a mobile version years ago but right refused the Chinese company went on to develop its own similar game called honor of keys today the highest grossing online multi player game in the world it then released a version for overseas markets called arena of valor further straining relations with riot but the two companies seem to have put history behind them right game has been working with tennis and %HESITATION on this project for about a year %HESITATION as we can see from the number %HESITATION even though league of legends is the world's most popular PC game and will provide raked in one point four billion dollars last year it is still a twenty one percent %HESITATION decline of revenue from the year before on the year before that's why right definitely needs %HESITATION fought need to find another way to monetize the game to offset the loss a mobile version could bring in a generation of new players especially in Asia where more bile based games are more popular than they are in the west and more players means more opportunities for ten cent and riot to organize lucrative E. sports tournaments this game is actually been going to be able to help but both ten cent and private to monetize and and push for a sports developments we have a game it's which is gonna be a launched in mo about and has been around for ten years has white recognition internationally so this is gonna be able to help them to have some sort of tournaments that's international level and %HESITATION tension and try to set up a joint venture last year to explore possibilities in those areas , AP sports two thousand and eighteen league of legends World Championship finals was the year's biggest E. sport event clocking up eighty one point one million hours washed across twitch and YouTube but analysts warned that the game will have to do battle for market share in China where honor of kings now reign supreme