FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2019

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John Walker Lindh the twenty year old Californian captured in Afghanistan in two thousand and one and nicknamed the American Taliban was released early from federal prison on Thursday now thirty eight years old Lynn's release brought objections from elected officials who asked why Lindh was being freed early and what training parole officers had to spot radicalization and recidivism among former jihadists I think he should be let out but you know that's a no that's up to the you know bureau of prisons and everything but I think I'd be a mistake I do believe that that he needs to be watched in a fox news interview US secretary of state Mike Pompeii %HESITATION called Lind's release unexplainable and unconscionable the American born land converted from Catholicism to Islam as a teenager and his two thousand and two sentencing he said he traveled to Yemen to learn Arabic and then to Pakistan to study Islam he said he volunteered as a soldier with the Taliban the radical Sunni Muslim group that ruled most of Afghanistan from nineteen ninety six to two thousand and one to help fellow Muslims in their struggle or G. hot he said he had no intention to fight against America and told the court he condemned terrorism on every level and attacks by al queda leader Osama bin laden were quote completely against Islam but in January two thousand seventeen report by the U. S. government's national counterterrorism center published by foreign policy said that as of may twenty sixteen Lind quote continue to advocate for global jihad and to write and translate violent extremist texts leaned left prison in terre Haute Indiana on probation for good behavior after serving seventeen years of a twenty year sentence for the next three years he will not be allowed a passport he must reside in the state of Virginia is internet activity will be monitored and he cannot converse online in any language other than English unless she first obtains permission his parents did not respond to requests for comment and limbs lawyer declined to comment