FIRST AIRED: May 21, 2019

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one of the world's biggest comic is has found itself in a tricky balancing act to grow its stake in one of the world's most important order markets and it's all because of the US China trade war Japan's Toyota recently announced a handful of deals to transfer its tech in China but months before Toyota strategists made the cold they first needed to offer up big investments in the US to keep president trump happy that's according to internal Toyota documents seen by Reuters nori she rose who who has more from Beijing right now put us trying to expand %HESITATION China business significant the building more %HESITATION factories %HESITATION opening more stores but they have to do so very carefully mainly because US on the trunk is looking for the same thing more jobs more investment more influence so they have to do this very carefully balancing the two countries last month %HESITATION to animate two key announcements in China one was to %HESITATION transfer technology to %HESITATION Beijing auto that was %HESITATION to transfer %HESITATION fuel cell technology the other one was to %HESITATION set up a joint tech center with a Tsinghua university in Beijing but before before announcing these deals they actually went to the U. S. and %HESITATION made an announcement for additional capacity investment and that was to %HESITATION make sure that that there's no negative reaction from Washington to to the %HESITATION tech deals in China the Toyota documents show that earlier this year seo Akio Toyoda cold a fresh investment of nearly seven hundred and fifty million dollars in its U. S. plants quote the sensual before any China deals were made public and it's not just about finding a way to avoid Donald trump's wrath the trump administration has also threatened to impose tariffs of up to twenty five percent on some imported cars and parts trump claims just last week , some foreign because pose a threat to US national security Toyota shot back saying the threat showed its investments quote I'm not welcome well the trade uncertainty isn't just a problem for Toyota with seventeen million cars sold annually in the U. S. and twenty eight million sold in China many of the world's top comic is a walking the trade tight rope to cop out they share of the world's two biggest economies Toyota declined to comment on the documents that revealed its internal meetings