FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2019

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we're not about going to war this is about continue to protect our interests in the Middle East lawmakers on Capitol Hill were briefed behind closed doors Tuesday about the escalation in tensions with Ron acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan secretary of state Mike Pompeii %HESITATION and intelligence officials were on hand to get lawmakers up to speed on recent threats in the region as well as explain US military posture we do not want the situation to escalate we have to turn a tax based on our re posturing of assets to turn attacks against American forces rhetoric between to Ron in Washington this escalated in recent weeks as the US tightened sanctions with what it said was the goal of getting a better deal with Iran and president Obama signed in twenty fifteen I deal which trump pulled out of the United States moved an aircraft carrier and forces to the Gulf region in response to intelligence that Iran may be plotting against US interests an assertion Iran denies Republican lawmakers and cabinet officials tried to push back on the perception that this was a prelude to war is a very good briefing our our recent actions on the last two weeks have been defensive and designed to deter action on the part of Iran or their circuits Democrats were not convinced what we still have a clear idea of what the administration subject is are there was no effort to lay out a thought for %HESITATION inter departmental strategy for how this is ultimately going to wind up in a better deal %HESITATION being signed by the Iranians and was signed by the about initial all right to worry very much an intentionally or unintentionally we can create a situation in which a war will take place according to a Reuters Ipsos poll released on Tuesday fifty one percent of all Americans believe that the U. S. will go to war with Iran quote within the next few years %HESITATION with Iran we'll see what happens the poll also found that only thirty nine percent of Americans approve of how trump is dealing with Ron