FIRST AIRED: May 29, 2019

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one expensive toys for hobbyist drones are now high tech and relatively affordable surveillance tools in Fremont California the infrared camera on this strong recently helped the police locate a missing person in the field at night we currently have eleven UAVs that are available for patrol to use and %HESITATION they're all DJ I products E. G. I a Chinese company makes the most popular drone on the market and across the U. S. over two hundred police and sheriffs offices have registered DJ I drones with the FAA that's making some nervous wearing that data collected by a DJ I drone could be said back to the Chinese government so much so that the army issued a memo in twenty seventeen asking its units to stop using DGI drones which the department of defense in twenty eighteen broadened out to include all commercial off the shelf drones and in may this year homeland security issued a warning about the risks of using drones from China but there's no such curve on law enforcement using DJ I drones or a ban on any federally funded institutions from using them that seems risky to Jack who see yo of nightingale security drone secure bank in internet data centers and a major auto plant any piece of machinery right and that that you put within your network that has the ability to store %HESITATION process or transmit information that can be a liability so what we try to do is make sure that all the key components are US %HESITATION especially when it comes to the software this way we minimize the chance of it becoming of a four nation of sorts DJ I says the security of its technology has been independently verified by the U. S. government in leading U. S. businesses and that customers have full control over how their data is collected stored and transmitted but for , Spencer gore CEO of impossible aerospace the concern goes beyond the cyber security risks today when you look at what drones are made out , right we have hi performance radio technology and thermal imaging capability and computer vision an encryption and noise suppression these are , our military technologies which have made their way into the civilian world and which are crucial technologies for national security if even government customers which have historically , existed to stimulate the domestic industrial base for guaranteed access to technology are not even patronizing American companies the more fully seating the ground of of this robotics revolution to to China and and to all of our international competitors Huawei is something that's very dangerous this all comes as president Donald Trump has been coming down hard on Chinese tech companies deemed a threat to US national security like telecommunications firms qual way or ZTE making some wonder why DJ I isn't getting the same scrutiny several experts in the drone industry and some in the government looking at the risk of Chinese companies say it's simply because DJ I which has an estimated seventy percent plus market share makes a strong product at a competitive price making their drones to attractive to turn away for lieutenant mats Nelson who leads the unmanned aerial systems team in Fremont police there wasn't a drone maker that came close to what DJ I offered we were aware of the concerns that were shared early on about the data transmission or potential %HESITATION data transmission with DJ I %HESITATION we did research and we don't feel like that is a concern for our agency or for our program at this point we're confident that our data is is secure and and staying %HESITATION private so until the U. S. government decides to take a tougher stance on DJ I expect Chinese made drones to continue controlling the market and patrolling American skies