FIRST AIRED: May 15, 2019

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imagine if at pollutants could be transformed into something useful that's exactly what this bio cuts in does by harnessing the power of our gay we inoculate air like this a dirty urban air from the bottom they are naturally rises so through the system and comes into contact with the with the August sales analogous cells as they said a extremely voracious organism so they eat up all the particles and release all exigen as a consequence of pharmacy disease not only is oxygen released bought to the absorbs carbon dioxide helps the algae to grow and create biomass which can then be used as the raw material for by a plastic buy a fuels thought slices food and cosmetics the founders of eco logic studio hope to see that creation hung from commercial buildings like wow is is %HESITATION residential blocks in the future it's already happened in Dublin lost yet several bio Cassin's well hung on a conference center during the E. U. supported climate innovation summit's on in September at by a cut ins will cover the outside of the multi storey car park in Austria where they'll stay for at least a year , it's published by the global common project at the end of last year it is a three percent increase in wild emissions due to the sustained use of coal oil and natural gas well our technology is both beautiful and highly performance even I think we can that's where the big impact that will happen it will literally be like a day if we run into a wall the microphone is being planted but we're turning all %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION you know surface are being taken the founders estimate that just two square meters of cuts and have the same ability to capture CO two as a large tree