FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2019

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Washington ordered non emergency government workers out of a rock on Wednesday amid rising tensions between the US and Iran a state department spokesperson said the withdrawal was based on a security assessment and it comes after rotors learned America grew alarmed about intelligence reports suggesting a running backs forces in Iraq shifted rockets near bases housing US forces two Iraqi security sources told Reuters that secretary of state Mike Pompeii %HESITATION used a secret trip to Baghdad last month to tell Iraqi officials to keep the Shiite militias in check if not the US would respond with force a senior Iraqi military source told Reuters the message from the Americans was clear they wanted guarantees that Iraq would stop these groups threatening US interests adding they said if the US were attacked on a rocky soil it would take action to defend itself without coordinating with Baghdad Iraqi prime minister idle up till now had the on Tuesday told reporters Baghdad had not observed a threats to Americans and hoped tensions would ease the hit or more we hope that things will end well under all indications from both parties that things will and well and there is a real desire to find outlets for this crisis , harm to Shiite paramilitary groups many backed by Iran played a key role in retaking territory from Islamic state and many of those forces are now part of the Iraqi security apparatus but some are more or less independent of Baghdad's control and play a role in maintaining a runny and influence in Iraq Washington warned last month of nonspecific threats from Iranian backed groups , going to play the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier group to the region along with B. fifty two bombers president Donald Trump on Tuesday denied a report that the US was considering sending one hundred and twenty thousand soldiers to the Middle East what I do that absolutely but we have not glad for that hopefully we're not gonna have to plan for that and if we did that would send a hell of a lot more troops than that Iran's supreme leader on Tuesday said to her I did not want conflict with the U. S. there won't be any war with the help of god we don't seek a war and they don't either they know it's not in their interests we do not give his adoration but I am told Ali some innate said there was no point in holding negotiations with this White House