FIRST AIRED: May 15, 2019

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I think that I can both be Donald Trump and get this country working again but who is he that's the question for many Americans unfamiliar with Montana governor Steve bullock who this week threw his hat in the twenty twenty rain a field filled with more than twenty fellow democratic contenders in an interview with Reuters the relative unknown touted his unique qualifications I think there's only one person in the field that's actually wanted to stay where Donald Trump one that's him the fifty three year old won reelection in conservative Montana in twenty sixteen also touting that he's the only candidate who's actually passed progressive legislation in the state that otherwise controlled by Republicans but not too progressive although he signed a bill to extend his state's Medicaid program bullock stopped short of endorsing Medicare for all instead looking for ways to make healthcare more affordable and accessible without offending the system his other big issue campaign finance reform calling for an end to so called dark money political contributions and fighting to overturn the supreme court's landmark citizens United decision which ushered in a new era of big money political donations from corporations and unions and you look at pre citizens United two percent of the outside spending came from groups that didn't disclose these mid terms was over half so we don't even know who's trying to buy the selections think of the tax cuts last year like center Graham said we have to do this to make our donors happy so the outside dollars that are going to influence the selections climate Republicans don't even talk about the climb is changing anymore because of the outside influences of money bullet presents himself as a potential unifier in a party torn between those who prefer a pragmatist who can appeal to moderates and independents and those who want a fresh face to energize the party's increasingly diverse and left to , leaning voters it's not enough to be against Donald Trump twenty five to thirty percent of my voters voted also for Donald Trump and it's not because I changed either what I was talking about or the values that I hold so I think what we need to do is it's less about being against him and it's more about giving them a reason to vote for us that the government will actually make a difference in their lives to bring people out but won't be dividing people