FIRST AIRED: May 17, 2019

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the world's two biggest economies all looks in a trade war and China's state media is trumpeting the message that that country will emerge from this problem with the United States even stronger than before it's a matter of patriotism and the history this editorial on the front page of the people's daily says the country is as firm as a boulder were to spend Blanshard in Beijing the votes the spirits of past wars are to say that China we are a country that has lived through numerous crises and disaster before we came out of those we survive them and this is exactly what will happen this time we have every confidence that we will also be able to get through this crisis which is the trade war state media struck an increasingly strident tone when it comes to describing the trade war how China is being bullied %HESITATION how it will never submit to our foreign pressure and saying that it is not realistic call fast so expects trying to to %HESITATION make any concessions or anything when its core principles of being a being challenged and one of the issues with Chinese state meters it's sometimes difficult to work counts awful people outside of China how official %HESITATION these publications are essentially if it's in the people's daily that's as the communist party's official %HESITATION it's that mouth piece publications he was so anything that appears there the common tree or an editorial really is the voice of the government the patriotic push extends to state television as well CCTV has add movies about the nineteen fifties Korean War where the U. S. back to the south and China stood against them by backing the north like the United States the governments of both countries frame this trade issue as one that cuts to the core of their national identity