FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2019

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Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed a controversial abortion bill into law Wednesday shortly after lawmakers sent it to her desk for consideration it's the most extreme and latest example of anti abortion legislation passed by state lawmakers who feel emboldened by Republican appointees to the US Supreme Court , critics say it's crafted explicitly to make its way to the Supreme Court to challenge roe V. Wade that made a woman so called the right to choose the law of the land in the U. S. house speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned the measure , as did Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee , yeah the state of Alabama after four hours of debate on the Alabama Senate floor but why you won't want to control our bodies it all came down to this house bill three fourteen passes by far the nation's most restrictive abortion legislation the bill criminalizes the procedure for doctors who could face up to ninety nine years in prison if caught performing an abortion the bill bans abortions including in cases of rape and incest Republican bill sponsor Terry Collins argued those types of exclusions would have heard the goal of creating a court case to weigh whether embryos and fetuses are people with the rights of personhood might go with is the L. is to have our versus Wade turned over and that decision ability to be able to sit be sent back to the states this year sixteen states have introduced legislation to restrict abortion rights in four of those states governors have signed so called heart beat bills which essentially outlaw abortions after six weeks of pregnancy Alabama's bill makes it a felony to perform an abortion in Alabama at any stage of pregnancy except if the mother's life is in danger the bill doesn't take effect for six months