FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2019

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a one two punch aimed at the world's largest telecom equipment maker US president Donald Trump on Wednesday banded China's hallway and seventy of its affiliates from buying vital US technology without special approval in a statement commerce secretary Wilbur Ross said the band was meant to quote prevent American technology from being used in ways that potentially undermine US national security Huawei is seen as a national champion in China generating ninety three billion dollars in revenue last year but the ban is bad news for the company's outlook US officials say it may squeeze sales of some products that rely on American suppliers the ban was announced shortly after trump signed an executive order barring US firms from using telecoms gear made by companies that pose a national security risk and while the order didn't name any specific companies US officials have previously labeled well wait a threat together the two moves marked a major escalation in Washington's worldwide campaign against qual way sparked by fears that its phones and network equipment could be used by Beijing to spy on Americans Washington is also leaned heavily on its allies to ditch Wally equipment next generation five G. networks for its part Wally denies its products pose a security threat the Chinese telecom giant responded to Washington's latest moves saying it was quote ready and willing to engage with the US government to ensure products security but it also sounded a warning that restricting hallway from doing business in the US will not make the US more secure %HESITATION or stronger and will leave the U. S. lagging behind in five G. deployment the trump administration's hallway crackdown follows another round of **** for tat tariffs between the world's two largest economies trade negotiations seem to have stalled for the time being although there are signs that the US at least still wants to talk treasuries , %HESITATION Terry Steven the notion on Wednesday said he planned to visit China soon saying quote there's still a lot of work to do