FIRST AIRED: May 15, 2019

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the Big Bang theory the CBS comedy that celebrates science nerds airs it's final episode Thursday night and whether you embrace it's geeky gags or found little intelligence in its humor how about a sensory deprivation tank there's no question that twelve straight seasons and fifty two Emmy nominations including ten wins is pretty cool co created by TV comedy veteran Chuck Laurie Big Bang is going out on top wrapping up its run as TV's most watched comedy which has been since twenty twelve it also airs globally in syndication it stars reportedly earning an astronomical one million dollars an episode so what's the story line for Thursday's big finale no one's too sure as that's under wraps but star Kaley Cuoco did offer this honestly it's a very sweet an alley it pulls at your heartstrings it's really one of the sweetest alleys I've ever seen the show's heart has always been part of its appeal your the one I went , as is it's theme of inclusion or a show about the other people and I think everyone has a little bit of not belonging in them even if you're popular theory still have those those things so our shows about those people something's wrong , reports say the Big Bang theory may have returned for season thirteen but that star Jim Parsons who alone has taken home for enemies wanted to call it quits giving the Hollywood reporter the less than scientific reason that maybe it's because he's an Aries well we knew there had to be some connection to the larger universe