FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2019

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they have long been the unofficial mascot of summer and now fire flies are powering an eco tourism boom in the U. S. specifically the rare species of fireflies that magically synchronize their flushing's this time of year and exist in just a handful of places including in south Carolina's Congaree national park so we are right in the midst of our synchronized firefly festival so %HESITATION every year right around mid may %HESITATION we have a species of firefly that they will they will come out %HESITATION and for two two and half weeks they will put on this magical shot show of synchronization all of them flashing you know in synchronization are the males trying to you know %HESITATION Wu the females are so we can have far for us for the future so I'm really excited to see all the bugs out of it once it's pretty cool Katie hallmark came from nearby Lexington South Carolina for the special site Stephen in Maryland Davis had a much longer haul from stores Connecticut but the thing same nine hundred and thirty miles according to your odometer on the car demand to see select species illuminate and mas is so high the Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains national park another viewing point had to hold a lottery for parking spots eighteen hundred were available twenty eight thousand applied the lucky winners seeing a slightly different show than what South Carolina has to offer the ones in the Smokies are different species so we have %HESITATION speeches call for tourists frontalis they have Photinus Carolina cigarette smoking out was national park obvious speaking different language as it were so ours flash that every three quarters of a second the very you know %HESITATION steady %HESITATION sink %HESITATION the Smokies fireflies %HESITATION flash kind of a rapid five flashing in a little bit off and then five to seven flashes after that so different flash patterns so just like humans you know we're all very much same physiologically but our , when it comes our language we speak different languages depending on over from there are two thousand different species worldwide but their numbers are waning in places like China and Japan due to human pollution why certain species flash in sync remains a mystery making this pre summer spectacle all the more alluring to nature lovers