FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2019

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French president Emmanuel macron is taking a swipe at his ally the United States over its tech industry which he says has too much influence over policymaking bridges mature rose a man is the V. Vitex summit in Paris a gathering of start ups and leaders from the world of technology and innovation he's saying that the United States is relying so much on the big companies that those very same %HESITATION big companies are lacking checks and balances and that U. S. federal government is too weak to with them what you want to save really is that %HESITATION %HESITATION between these models at the United States so called laissez faire and the China where %HESITATION the state controls all the big companies %HESITATION through strong ties with the Communist Party Europe is offering a third way away where %HESITATION %HESITATION checks and balances are being implemented , the position might surprise critics at the French president a former investment banker his opponents perceived as being too close to big business and pushing through tax reforms that favor the wealthy who needs talking to know for me that it was that it is not on Thursday eight micron made it clear that he wanted Europe to be the global standard bearer for tougher regulation of digital technology he is urging tech companies to do more for the common good in society that means companies like Google %HESITATION is in a Facebook ink and apple Inc should pay more in taxes Silicon Valley investors however have warned my crown that he risks on doing the what he has done to make France more attractive if he was to use a digital tax too aggressively and there are divisions among E. U. allies to my court clearly stated that he didn't want to see a technological war %HESITATION be open between the United States and China I need to like the fact that the United States and China already engaged in a bitter trade war at that could this be over %HESITATION tech his comments came just one day off the US president Donald Trump move to blacklist Chinese telecoms giant while a micron responded by saying France does not intend to do the same